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Female Business Award Show Venues

Below is a current listing of venues where regional heats of the Miss Francophonie pageants are to be held. If you should require more information regarding heats, finals, contacts, venues and dates, please email us.

You can have any link to the county you wish to enter, place of birth, currently living, working, studying, your business occupation, etc.

Please contact the venues directly for details on how to enter, or contact us.

Find out how you can enter yourself.

This heat is open to inspiring business women that meet the rules. After all, our goal is to see inspire and create as many female CEOs as possible.

Miss Female CEO Award
30th of August, 2018
Josh O Reily Theatre, Wisconsin.

Young Women Entrepreneur Award

Under 18 Women CEO Award
11th of May, 2019
Johnson’s Voodoo Lounge, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Female 21 Fintech Founder Award
8th of May 2019
Sligosta Tower Hotel
Host: Michelle Bernie at 1-800-888-8482

Sassy Saas Founder Award
18th of May, 2019
Quadra Rooms, Bonanza Hotel, Dallas, Texas.
Contact: Lydia Johnson

Miss TechPranuer 2018 Award
14th of November, 2019
Black Swords Theatre, Empress Hotel, New Jersey.
Contact: Sandra Thomas

Startup Champ 2019
14th of May, 2019
St John Hotel, Houston, Texas.
Contact (Organizer): Bella Winship

Local Small Business Leader
22nd September, 2019
Hyatt Regency, Los Angeles, California

Miss Influential Woman Ohio
12th November, 2019
Jacob LeClair Hall,  Columbus, Ohio.
Organizer: Melissa McHammond and Sharon Chan

Atlanta Young Urban Female Entrepreneur Of The Year
21st November, 2020
Fairmont Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia.
Organizer: Laquisha Johnson / Shelly White

Boston Business Beauty Award
2nd September, 2020
Somerville New Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts.