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Welcome to the Miss Francophonie 2018 Pageant website.

Miss Francophonie | Honoring Female Beauty and Business Skills

This is not your ordinary pageant. Looks are great but we want to inspire women who are also entrepranaurial.

Every year, we showcase the best business women in the Francophone community. Not just from the US but Canada, France and wherever we have our women shining bright and proving the world wrong with their savvy business skills.

In the past, we’ve awarded female CEOs, Doctors, Small business owners and any female who is making a true impact in their community.

Yes women are smart and beautiful, but as a Miss Francophonie, you are also an independent, business oriented woman.

Please note that we are finalising all the details to be presented on our pages. If you would like information on any aspects of the Miss Francophonie Pageant you can visit our our Contact Page.

The final of the Miss Francophonie Pageant will take place on Friday 20th November, 2019 at MGM Grand Las Vegas.

All winners of regional heats will compete to win the prestigious Miss Francophonie title and be the first to wear the newly designed crown. The final will see a glamorous event with a star studded international judging panel and entertainment from one of the biggest solo artists over the past two years – Sharon Johnson

This year’s Miss Francophonie will win a prize package worth up to $100,000.00 over the course of her year as the reigning Miss Francophonie including $10,000.00 in cash and an amazing trip of a lifetime to all the common wealth countries as our Ambassador.

To view a current listing of venues where regional heats of the Miss Francophonie Business Women Pageant are to be held please go to our Venues link. If you should require more information regarding heats, finals, contacts, venues and dates, please email us. Also check out the rules section to learn more.

Final 3 Current Leading Business Women:

Jenna BoschName: Jenna Bosch


Business Student / Startup Founder

To find focus in what I’m doing and to do it the best of my ability. Ideally, I would aspire to become a successful, respected business woman.

You only get out of something what you put in.

Favourite business advice: “Make sure you have your accounting on point. Use industry leading tools to manage your finances, taking care of your clients and easy invoicing solutions for your customers. Cashflow is king when it comes to your enterprise so make sure you have that taken care of immediately. Avoid loans. Better to find new business or clients than borrowing funds”.

Jenny McCormickName: Jenny McCormick.

Age: 21.

Fintech Startup Founder

To become a serial entrepreneur and to live a fulfilling, family orientated life.

Put your all into everything you do.

Favourite business advice: If your are able to hire employees make sure you make it easy to manage their time properly. Efficient staff management is one of the keys to success and allocating budget. Especially if you’re running a mostly women operated business. You know how we like to chat away sometimes.

Aimee HoffmanName: Aime Hoffman.


Hardware and Furniture Manufacturer / Owner and Part-time Marketing Student

Ambition: I would like a use my career and build resources for third world countries. One day, I would like to own my own network like Oprah inspire millions..

Motto: You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Favourite business advice: Stay in your lane. I’ve started several businesses and failed but when I went after my passion of home and music furniture, things started improving. Work on your passion and drill down on it. Become an expert in it.

Remaining winners:

They might be runner-ups but they are all winners in our book. They are not in the top 3 but these inspiring young women are the beautiful entrepreneurs of the future.

They got beauty and brains as well. Girl power!

Name: Denise Dublin.
Age: 22.
Occupation: Clothing company Co-Founder
Ambition: To win Miss Francophonie and represent South Carolina at the highest level in this competition. I would also love to take my clothing company to the next level, be a make-up artist for the stars and continue offering business consulting.

Motto: Live and let live

Name: Claire O’Donner.
Age: 21.
Occupation: CEO of ManManage, a staff scheduling saas company.
Ambition: To graduate with honors and work on my business full time. Plus travel the world.
Motto: Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.

Name: Sheila Sommers
Age: 21.
Occupation: CoFounder of EatItApp.
Ambition: To be very successful in my career, seeas much of the world as possible and hopefully be healthy and happy.
Motto: If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing to the best of your ability.

Name: Arina Kelly
Age: 18.
Occupation: Business Management Student / Co-Founder of Workit – Fitness App.
Ambition: To be an interpreter of the Irish language for the European Union.
Motto: Always be yourself.

Erin Jacobson
Age: 18.
Occupation: Student / BrainDead Video Game Founder
Ambition: To experience as much as I can and not hold myself back because of fear of the unknown or fear of failure.
Motto: Carpe Diem.

Name: Kelly Henderson
Age: 21.
Occupation: Model / Women Are Strong (WAS) Non-Profit Founder.
Ambition: At this stage, my ambition is to represent underprivileged women. In ten years I can see myself with a successful career, as a loving wife and a devoted mother.
Motto: Serve God and others.

Name: Kate Clark.
Age: 22.
Occupation: Student/Model and Founder of International Business Students.
Ambition: To establish a career using my Honours Degree in Business, hopefully do a Masters – further education. To own my own house, get married and become a mother.
Motto: Always stay positive, stay in the now because you don’t have the future or the past, just right now.

Name: Eric Conwright
Age: 19.
Occupation: Marketing Student and founder of a Non-Profit venture called Female Empowerment Schools (FES).
Ambition: To open a centre/crèche for disadvantaged kids and to start my own charity for cancer research.
Motto: Live every day as if it’s your last.

Name: April Welsh
Age: 19.
Occupation: Model and Salon Owner.
Ambition: To be happy and successful in whatever I do.
Motto: Love what you do and do what you love.

Name: Tanya O’Hardy
Age: 23.
Occupation: Cadet Officer and CoFounder of DivorcedDating App.
Ambition: To utilise my skills and abilities in a positive, productive manner to aid both others and myself.
Motto: Never judge a book by its cover.

Name: Debra Clarkson
Age: 23.
Occupation: Hair salon owner and creator of MakeupLight make up kits for teens.
Ambition: To open more hair and make up salons across the US.
Motto: Live life to the full